About Us

Program Ideals

Each program participant has the opportunity to …

… recognize their self-worth
… take responsibility for themselves and their family
… value themselves for their special talents and abilities
… appreciate diversity in others
… learn to be a good communicator by speaking for themselves and listening to others
… seek education and support
… act lovingly toward their children
… be a positive role model for others
… support, believe and celebrate the accomplishments of others
… commit to permanent, positive changes in their lives
… remember that everyday is an opportunity to choose a New Direction


New Directions is committed to providing the opportunities needed to allow individuals and families to attain permanent self-sufficiency. Our ability to provide these opportunities is made possible through:

  • Lake County Community Development Block Grants
  • Mentor Community Development Block Grants
  • Home Investment
  • Ohio Lawyers Give Back - Cy Pres
  • The United Methodist Church
  • United Way of Lake County
  •  and generous contributions from individuals like you!